Underwater action movie
Body (Shad shape body)
Body (V belly shape like a hull boat)
Body (V-Shape Belly Rear)
Body (The tail is narrowed down to the tall body)
Body (Eye-integrated molding / Low center of gravity main weight)
Body (Two sub-weights are installed slightly behind the body)
Lip (Hybrid shape)
Lip (Steps)
Hook (90 mm. body, #6 x 3 hook)
Hook (Short shank / Wide gap hook)
Hook (The tail eye is installed slightly upward on the diagonally cut tail)

Jack Hammer SB

Jack Hammer SB
Three elements of Jackhammer SB’s tough strategy
① – Silhouette
② – Action
③ – Sound
▶ Two jack hammers [action & sound comparison]
Underwater action video of Jack Hammer (original) and Jack Hammer SB (Stealth Blade). Let the two swim at the same time and compare their characteristics. It is full of tips on how to use it properly to improve the fishing results.
Lightweight and high-strength polycarbonate clear blade
Stainless steel plate
Custom-made stainless steel oval ring
Wire eye
Low center of gravity flat head
The groove provided on the front of the head prevents the blade from falling off due to the opening of the wire.
Oz. display is included on the underside of the head.
Decoy-made specially designed hook (fluorine coated specification)
Double wire keeper
Hand tie / silicone rubber skirt

Piccolo Dive Shallow

Piccolo Dive Shallow
■ Piccolo series lineup
・Piccolo dive shallow [40mm 6.4g]
Piccolo (original) [40mm 6.4g]
■ Cuerpo redondo
Un cuerpo redondo que asegura la capacidad de aire dentro del mismo y crea suficiente flotabilidad.
■ Peso fijo con centro de gravedad bajo
El peso principal se concentra en la parte más baja del cuerpo.
■ Peso trasero
Se coloca un subpeso en forma de uña al final del cuerpo.
■ Labio ancho compensado de forma redonda y ancha
Diseñado para que no sobresalga del cuerpo, para mantener el rendimiento evitandi obstáculos al tiempo que elimina la resistencia del aire tanto como sea posible.
■ Flanco
Estructura de ojo horizontal que reduce la cantidad de materia dentro del cuerpo para asegurar la flotabilidad y evitar que los ganchos se enreden entre sí.
■ Anzuelo

Showerblows 77.7

Showerblows 77.7
▶ Shower Brows 77.7 Action Movie
▶ Morizo ​​Shimizu gives a live commentary on MoDO Shower Blows 77.7 Triple Seven
■ Shower Blows Series Lineup
– Showerblows 77.7 [77.7 mm. –  9.3 gr.]
Showerblows Shorty [105 mm. –  16.3 gr.]
Showerblows (Original) [125 mm. –  26.0 gr.]
Showerblows Big Mama [150 mm. –  44.5 gr.]
Showerblows Shoft Shell [77 mm. –  19.0 gr.]
Body design
Weight and rattle
Treble Magic
Treble Magic Feather
Big bass barrage! Midsummer River Bus Strategy in Kinokawa
Summer Top Water Game Eternal Yoshikawa x Lake Tsuburo

Zeruch Petit

Zeruch Petit
 Zeruch Petit Action Movie
■ Hybrid body shape
■ Hybrid lip shape
■ Head dent
■ Low center of gravity fixed weight
■ Tail shape narrowed down sharply
■ Offset type front hook eye
■ Treble Magic (Front # 6 – Rear # 5)
■ Product package design

Jack Hammer TG

Jack Hammer TG
Shiro Shimizu and Bret Hight co-developed, the top professional secret bait «Jack Hammer» comes with a resin tungsten head model that can be used in JB and NBC tournaments.
1.- Resin tungsten head (FECO Eco Tackle certified product)
2.- Low center of gravity flat head
3.- Stainless steel blades
4.- Heavy wire hook
5.- Double wire keeper
6.- Silicone rubber skirt
7.- Strong lock cross snap, decoy and egg snap #2 are standard
FECO Eco Tackle certified products


■ Piccolo series lineup
Piccolo dive shallow [40mm 6.4g]
・Piccolo (original) [40mm 6.4g]
Round body
One point concentration type, low center of gravity fixed weight
Horizontal wide grip 
Horizontal eye is adopted to prevent entanglement between hooks
Treble magic (Size: #8)

Flat Force

Flat Force
Flat side body
Low center of gravity fixed weight
Slim shape tail
0.8mm base round lip

Showerblows Soft Shell

Showerblows Soft Shell
Fat tail and semi-long body
Thin low center of gravity weight
Original W hook
Rabbit dragon tail
Air and drain hole
FECO Eco Tackle Certified Product


Intermediate shape body of round and flat side
Hybrid lip shape
Dent in the head
Low center of gravity fixed weight
Sharply narrowed tail shape
Offset type front hook eye
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