Jack Hammer SB

Jack Hammer SB
Three elements of Jackhammer SB’s tough strategy
① – Silhouette
② – Action
③ – Sound
▶ Two jack hammers [action & sound comparison]
Underwater action video of Jack Hammer (original) and Jack Hammer SB (Stealth Blade). Let the two swim at the same time and compare their characteristics. It is full of tips on how to use it properly to improve the fishing results.
Lightweight and high-strength polycarbonate clear blade
Stainless steel plate
Custom-made stainless steel oval ring
Wire eye
Low center of gravity flat head
The groove provided on the front of the head prevents the blade from falling off due to the opening of the wire.
Oz. display is included on the underside of the head.
Decoy-made specially designed hook (fluorine coated specification)
Double wire keeper
Hand tie / silicone rubber skirt

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