E.G. Dryfield Tights 2

E.G. Dryfield Tights 2
Tallas:  M · L · LL ·  3L · 4L
Colores disponibles:  Black
En la cintura se utiliza una goma de alta densidad para lograr un ajuste cómodo.
Impresión del logotipo por debajo de ambas rodillas.
Fabricado a base de un tejido con efectos desodorantes y antibacterianos.

SUPERIOR The Maneuver

SPRS-84M-T   The Maneuver
* «Trading Card ®» & «Nano Alloy ® Technology» are registered trademarks of Toray Industries, Inc.
[ Construction ]
Adopted a full tubular structure with excellent reverberation sensitivity that conveys the texture of the short bite and bottom to the palm.
[Material / Composition]
● 33 tons of high-strength, high-elasticity carbon material «Trading Card ® T1100G» (Nano Alloy ® technology applied) is used as the main material for the tip and center.
● 40 tons of high-strength, high-elasticity carbon material «Treca ® M40X» (Nano Alloy ® technology applied) + 46 tons of ultra-high elasticity carbon material are used as the main material for the center to bat.
● The bat to grip end are reinforced with ultra-lightweight 4-axis cloth and Super Light Quattro Cloth.
Regular first action with a tip diameter of 1.1 mm. At present, the most delicate tip that can be produced with a tubular structure is a tip diameter of 1 mm. With a slightly thicker tip diameter of 1.1 mm, a regular first action design with a delicate but not too delicate tip, it can be used in a wide range of light games without stress.
 Guide system
● Top
Titanium Frame SiC Ring LF Guide (T-LFSG-3.5)
● Tip-Center
Titanium Frame Torzite Ring KT Guide (T-KTTG 3.5, 3.5, 3.5, 3.5, 3.5, 4.5) + KL Guide (T-KLTG7L)
● Center-Bat
Titanium Frame Torzite Ring AT Guide (T-ATTG16)
Grip design
Fuji IPS reel seat + ultra-compact EVA center grip that has excellent sensitivity transmission
Grip end
Grip length
Made in Japan
«National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council» certified product

[B-TRUE] Rubber Logo Mesh Cap

[B-TRUE] Rubber Logo Mesh Cap
Talla:  Única
Colores disponibles:  Black · Navy/Black · Beige/Black · Khaki/Black
A rubber logo with a marble pattern that is three-dimensional and has a strong presence.
Back style

E.G. Cap

E.G. Cap
Talla:  Única
Colores disponibles:  Black · Navy · Khaki · Dark Grey
The three-dimensional EG brand logo is dynamically applied to the front.
Inner brand taping enhances the angler’s sense of ownership.
Size adjuster & EG logo name

MS-modo Mesh Cap

MS-modo Mesh Cap
Talla:  Única
Colores disponibles:  Black · Beige · Navy
Front style
Back style

[B-TRUE] Dry T-Shirt Type G

[B-TRUE] Dry T-Shirt Type G
Tallas:  S · M · L · XL · XXL
Colores disponibles:  Black · Wite · Heather Charcoal
Printed the B-TRUE Katakana logo with the image character «True Bee» on it.
B-TRUE Katakana logo is printed without characters.
The right sleeve has a sporty design logo.
Uses a mesh fabric with excellent sweat absorption and quick-drying properties.
The left sleeve is proof of high quality and has an EG original logo.

[B-TRUE] Jungle Hat

[B-TRUE] Jungle Hat
Talla:  Única
Colores disponibles:  Black/Grey Camo · Khaki/Green Camo · Grey/Grey Camo
Snap button
Back of the brim
Mesh ventilation
Size adjuster
Bottle (head circumference)
Chin strap
Silicon emblem
Water repellent finish

MS-modo Magnum Weight Big T-Shirt

MS-modo Magnum Weight Big T-Shirt
Tallas:  M · L · XL
Colores disponibles:  Black · White · Natural · Khaki · Blue
Made from 100% cotton, 9.1 ounces of Magnum weight fabric.
The original MS-modo logo is printed on the front.
The MS-modo box logo is printed on the left cuff.
The front right hem is decorated with a high quality proof, EG original logo name.
Same size comparison image of big T-shirt and standard T-shirt

E.G. Flat Cap Type 1

E.G. Flat Cap Type 1
Talla:  Única
Colores disponibles:  Black · Grey · Navy · Black/Grey
3D embroidery
Back style
Brand taping

ORION The Free Will

ORION The Free Will
Short Solid Tip x Trading Card® T1100G Small Diameter Tubular Advantage
▪ Lightweight and high-balanced
▪ Easy-to-use natural bend curve
▪ Tensions during operation and bends during casting
▪ Higher sensitivity with quick information transmission
<Corresponding lure and rig>
● Nekorig ● Jig head rig ● No sinker ● Small rubber jig ● Drop shot rig etc…
Professional staff
Toshifumi Kikumoto
Yasunao Hondo
Yoshikawa Eternity
Kenta Onishi
«Trading Card ® T1100G» & «Nano Alloy ® Technology»
Quattro woven cloth
Guide system
Titanium frame SiC ring K guide is used for all guides. Number of guides 8 (including top guide)
Grip design (fore)
Grip design (reel seat)
 Grip design (center / rear)
Grip length
Black design
A slim and sharp black design. Among the combinations of black colors with different textures, the natural material cork makes the black texture stand out more, creating a sense of luxury in simplicity.
Made in Japan
«National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council» certified product
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