ORION The Black Guardian

OCSS-65ML  The Black Guardian
<Corresponding lure & rig>
● Jig head rig ● Nekorig ● Drop shot rig ● High density worm no sinker ● Carolina rig ● Small rubber jig ● Insect soft bait ● Minnow shad ● Small crank bait ● Metal vibration etc…
«Treca® T1100G»
Quattro woven cloth
Guide system
Titanium frame SiC ring K guide is used for all guides.
Number of guides: 8 (including top guide)
Grip design (fore)
Grip design (reel seat center)
Fuji VSS16
Grip design (rear)
Grip length
Black design
A slim and sharp black design. Among the combinations of black colors with different textures, the natural material cork makes the black texture stand out more, creating a sense of luxury in simplicity.
Made in Japan
«National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council» certified product