Soft Bait

Waver Shrimp

Waver Shrimp
Bait finesse corresponding natural system claw worm.

Scissor Comb

Scissor Comb 6″
The ultimate natural fine wave.
Four pairs of arms length and thickness are different
Body that took the taper of the bottle neck shape
Characteristic two long tail

Sasuteki Craw

Sasuteki Craw  4″ /  5″
Snug-less form penetrating the heavy cover!
Sasuteki rig


Pine Shrimp

Pine Shrimp  2″ / 3.5″ / 4.5 «
Universal items that do not choose the applications.
Formula + salt containing body


i Shad

i Shad 3.8″ / 4.8 «
Temptation of natural fine wave.
Dual structure
Formula containing

HYD Geck

HYD Geck 4″
Stay-based standing soft bait.
Bubble keeper
Formula compounded

Flick Shake Sight Magic

Flick Shake Sight Magic 4.8″
Ultimate bait a high specific gravity is brought.
Lineup Seiji Kato special color + two-tone color
Curve form
Salt content three times the ultra-high specific gravity model

Flick Shake

Turn around all of the bass!
Curve form
High specific gravity material
Two-tone color + Formula

Dum Dum Hog

Its all for Texas rig.
Three pairs of arms and tail
Formula compounded

Cover Craw

Cover Craw  2 » / 3″ / 4″
Cut captain of the cover.
Nail churning the water
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