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Bow Worm Noodle

Bow Worm Noodle
Tallas disponibles
■  8″  (10 uds. X blíster)
Bow Worm Noodle 8″ Talked by Toshifumi Kikumoto
Bow Worm noodle 8 inch image movie
・ Inject a large amount of salt in consideration of use in a no sinker.
・ The tension of the body is set stronger. Although it is slender and easy to bend, it is easy to return to its original position, so slow and slow movements occur.
Front and back reverse rib structure
Special formula
Contains a special formula that mixes shrimp, squid, and bait fish ingredients.
FECO eco tackle certification
Engraved with the FECO certification mark.
This product is a «FECO eco-tackle certified product»
It can be used in JB / NBC tournaments.
Comparison of the thickness of 8 inches of Bow Worm (original) and 8 inches of Bow Worm Noodle

Edge Breaker

Edge Breaker
■ Material (material) 
High specific gravity material with salt. Approximately 12 grams of weight that is easy to handle with no sinker 

■ Special Formula 
Incorporates special formulas of salt, shrimp, squid and bait fish that invite you to smell and keep your eaten bass.

■ Flat body
■ Flat arm
■ Flat space
■ Wrinkles
■ Rib
■ Slit
■ FECO Eco Tackle Certification
■ Product package design
It is effective when used in lift and fall when set on a Texas rig or free rig. After landing, the resistance to the direction of being pulled by the sinker is low, so it falls quickly. After the sinker has settled down, the body will settle down and fall down, and from there it will realize a time difference action in which the flat arm falls down with a one-tempo delay. This is the first time to eat.
The rod action from there reacts quickly and lifts quickly. Then, while moving to the fall with a sharp and sharp movement, the action of the arm undulates with a delay. At the moment of moving from the top of the lift to the fall, the body quickly changed the direction of travel, and the movement that the arm followed later became the second bite.
You can react a bus that you don’t eat just by falling.
▶ Action to swallow worms If you 
lift and fall as short a pitch as possible, it will be easier to produce more agile rippling action. The trick of the rod action is to lift the line as if you are hitting it.
In this fishing method, in the Lake Biwa field test, there were many cases in which the worm was swallowed in a single stroke with a fall immediately after the lift.
[Recommended tackle] 
Rod: Casting 6’6″ ~ 7’2″ ・ MH ~ H 
Line: Fluorocarbon 12 ~ 16 lb. 
Sinker: Tungsten 3.5 ~ 7 gr. 
Hook: Offset 3/0
Used with no sinker rig. After landing, the flat arm acts as a resistance and the head turns slightly upward, maintaining an oblique posture suitable for backslide. A flat slide body with little resistance to the worm’s direction of travel provides a long backsliding fall that smoothly cuts.
▶ Exhibits effect on slave bass 
Major field cover that continues to be beaten by an angler … Even if it is a light rig, it is counterproductive if you show it too much to a familiar slave. The fall speed is slightly faster so that you can use your mouth without thinking more than necessary.
In addition, the flat arm generates a voluntary action that moves irregularly and weakly to the left and right as the body slides.
▶ Powerful even
often has to target one cover carefully due to mobility and scaffolding constraints. Like a boat, you can’t shoot a cover from one to the next by repeating cast-fall-pickup.
Even if you didn’t eat it in the first fall … If you lift it with a rod action while lifting it, the flat arm will act as a brake, reducing the distance traveled to the front of the worm, and from there back slide fall again . By repeating this, you can continue to invite carefully in one place.
[Recommended tackle] 
Rod: Casting 6’6″ ~ 7’2″ ・ MH ~ H 
Line: Fluorocarbon 12 ~ 16 lb. 
Hook: Offset 3/0

Bassenemy Stick

Bassenemy Stick
Longitud          Uds. X Blister
                                                                              3″                       8   
                                                                              4″                       7
                                                                              5″                       6      
[Compatible rig] 
● Jig head rig ● Neco- rig ● Bait cat ● No sinker wacky ● Jig head wacky ● No sinker rig ● Nail rig ● Weighted rig ● Down shot rig ● Heavy down shot rig ● Leaderless down shot rig ● Free rig ● Texas rig ● Split shot rig ● Carolina rig ● Heavy Carolina rig ● Rubber jig trailer ● Bladed jig trailer etc… 
-The shape looked from the side, as well as a bait fish-like silhouette when looking down from above or looking up from the bottom of the bass.
-Combined with soft materials, the body bends naturally, and the action also creates a bait fish-like character.
・ Imitate the flare of bait fish with a body roll action that produces a flickering effect.
■ Material
High specific gravity material with salt.
■ Special Formula 
Invitation with the smell of scent, salt, shrimp, squid and bait fish.
■ Flat side body
Based on the body of the bassenemy, the body thickness is set thin. 
Mainly used for fall → A shape with a wider abdominal surface that is more susceptible to water at the bottom. 
Used mainly for swimming → Shape that is more bait fish-like and has a wide side and narrow abdomen.
■ Weed guard and balancer
A part that not only serves as a weed guard, but also adjusts the rolling pitch and width when the jig head is set.
-It can be used without stress even in places where there are many roots that jig head rigs are not good at and where it is easy to pick up cut algae, leaves, wood chips, etc.
-Rolling will decrease if you use this part while it is left, and rolling will increase if you use it after cutting it off. 
* The rolling width can be further adjusted by combining the presence or absence of a weed guard / balancer and the position where the jig head is inserted.
・ For rigs other than jig head rigs, this part is basically cut off before use. When used without being cut off, it may be easy to lose balance depending on the rig and setting method, but it will appeal with shaking and falling.
・ Bassenemy stick-only new rig using a weed guard and balancer is born.
Recommended by Lake Biwa Pro Guide, offset nail rig.
■ Abdomen Flat Shape
A flat abdominal surface that is easy to receive water in spite of being slim.
・ Jig head rig midst makes it easy to keep a certain range, while no sinker rig or weighted rig creates an action that sways and falls slowly.
■ Rear Front Slit
A slit that serves as a mark for removing the jig head hook. It can be set quickly and securely in the center of the body with good balance.
■ Abdominal Slit
A slit that marks the offset hook. It can be set quickly and securely in the center of the body with good balance.
■ Rear slit and rib
-A slit that serves as a mark when setting the offset hook. Hooks can be set quickly and securely in the center of the body with good balance. 
-Ribs for setting hook points. To ensure that the hook point can be embedded in the ribs, the gap between the ribs is wide and the step between the body and ribs is set large. 
Setting that achieves both the weedless effect and good hooking becomes possible.
[Setting example 1] 
A setting method that emphasizes hooking by embedding only hook points in the rib.
[Setting example 2] 
A setting method that emphasizes the weedless effect by embedding the entire hook throat in multiple ribs.
■ Flat pintail
Pintail with a ribbed shape that is extremely thin and flat (ellipse) and easily holds water.
・ Since it reacts to a very small resistance, it always generates a micro wave.
■ FECO Eco Tackle Certification
■ Product package design


【Recommended rig】 
▶ Sin plomar (insertar el anzuelo de modo que la punta de la cola quede hacia arriba) 
▶ Acción vertical (Caída libre, hacerlo subir y dejarlo caer, y caída hasta el fondo y pausa, etc.)
【Recommended tackle】 ※ Rig: No sinker 
▶ 2.9 inch 
[Rod] UL to ML action Spinning rod 
[Line] 3 ~ 6 lb   
[Hook]  #3 ~ #2 
▶ 3.5 inch 
[Rod] M Action 
[Line] 10 ~ 12 lb 
[Hook]  #2/0 ~ #3/0   

▶ 4.5 inch 
[Rod] MH Action 
[ Line] 12 ~ 14 lb 
[Hook] #3/0 ~ #4/0  

Ventral plane flat shape
Ventral surface slit
Rear rib and slit
ECO eco-tackle certified products
Highly specific gravity material with salt, but set a little more flexibility, with emphasis on action.
Salt, shrimp and squid special formula combination. 


Head and claw
Four tentacles and two beards produce minute vibrations separately.
FECO Eco Tackle Certified Product and Special Formula Scent

Twintail Ringer

Twintail Ringer
Disposición equilibrada de micro anillos tanto en el cuerpo como en la cola
Parte del cuerpo
Sección de la cola
Producto con certificación FECO
Esencia con fórmula especial a base de una mezcla de sal, camarón y calamar
[Bass fishing] This setting of the pigtail is hot!

Head Shaker

Head Shaker
Especially Grass Ripper combination of the best match.
Talla 4″  –  5 uds. X bíster.
Talla 5″  –  5 uds. X bíster.
Talla 5″ Heavy  –  5 uds. X bíster.
[NEW model added]
Salt increase / ultra-high density model 5 inch heavy addition lineup.
Action Videos by Jack Hammer / Trailer
① Tail
② Side cup
③ Back slit and ventral surface slit
④ Marker for Grass Ripper
Glass Ripper and Head Shaker 5 inches set image
⑤ FECO eco tackle certified products 
■ Special formula (4 inches, 5 inches)
A special formula that mixes garlic and shrimp ingredients with salted material.
■ NEW Material and Special Formula (2020 model 5 inch)
A slightly softer NEW material is used for more fishing movements. In addition, a NEW special formula with a rich mix of shrimp, squid, and baitfish ingredients is included. You can now get more and deeper bites under tough conditions.

Double Motion

Double Motion
[Modelo Double Motion 2020 de 3,6 pulgadas / Nueva versión] 
El modelo Double Motion 2020 ha mejorado la funcionabilidad y la capacidad de alimentación al adoptar un material NUEVO y una fórmula especial.
Tallas disponibles
■ 2,8″  (8 uds. X blíster)
■ 3,6″  (8 uds. X blíster)
■ 4,2″  (6 uds. X blíster)
■ Modelo 2020 de 3,6″  (8 uds. X blíster)
■ Patas con doble rizado
Dos patas con un doble rizado que revuelven el agua con violencia.
Este último diseño maximiza ambas acciones.
■ Proyección manual (solo 4,2 pulgadas)
■ Patas con forma especial
Unas patas con una forma especial que producen sus muy ligeras propias vibraciones.
■ La parte acanalada atrapa las burbujas y provoca sensación de vida.
■ Hendidura
Hay aberturas en la espalda y el abdomen que sirven como marcadores para enganchar y sacar los anzuelos. El anzuelo se puede colocar en el centro del cuerpo en buen equilibrio y de forma rápida y segura.
■ Producto certificado FECO eco-tackle
■ Fórmula especial (2,8″, 3,6″ y 4,2″)
■ NUEVO material y fórmula especial (modelo 2020 de 3,6 pulgadas)

Vivid Tail

Vivid Tail
Special Formula and FECO eco tackle certified products

Bow Worm

Bow Worm
Before and after reverse rib structure
Special Formula and FECO eco tackle certified products
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