Iron Marvie 109

Iron Marvie 109
① Ultra-thin & high-strength stainless steel body
② Low center of gravity & optimal weight balance
③ Two line eyes with changing swim action
④ Original snap
⑤ Front center hook eye
⑥ Hook setting

Wigglla 40

Wigglla 40
▶ Wigra 40 Action Movie
[Main target]
Rocky shore [Size] 40mm / 1.7g
[Type] Slow sinking
[Action] Tight wigling
[Range] 10-30cm
[Basic operation] At a speed where you can feel or not feel the vibration of the lure. Slow retrieve
[Recommended tackle] Light game rod 6-8 feet + PE 0.2-0.4 + Fluorocarbon 4-8lb
[Recommended situation] Boat / Rock shore
Joint body

Corsair 50

Corsair 50
▶ Corsair 50 action movie
[Main target]
Rocky shore [Size] 50mm / 3.3g
[Type] Thinking
[Action] Tight tail swing
[Range] 10-50cm
[Basic operation] Retrieval at a speed of 1 rotation per second
[Recommended tackle] Light Game Rod 6-8ft + PE0.2-0.4 + Fluorocarbon 4-8lb
[Recommended Situation] Boat / Rock / Surf

Fat tail design
Low center of gravity molding weight

Stream Demon 170J

Stream Demon 170J
Against ranker big body
Water flow resistance optimization head
2-weight magnet center of gravity movement system
Flexible joint system
Rattle weight setting (tail part)

Sea Drive Rattlin’ Bone

Sea Drive Rattlin’ Bone
Rattle sound sounds better than general transparent ABS material, and the specific gravity is low, cloudy ABS material.
So-called bone material is used for the body.
Double joint system
Live fish tail elastomer designed for easy fluttering in addition to sharp action.
Equipped with Decoy Egg Snap #3, which maximizes the action of the lure and has excellent strength and balance.
Big fish compatible hook. Stinger ST-46 is standard equipment.


Floating posture
CBS (Counter Balance System)
Cracker ball sound system
Insert plate colors #808 and #809
Built-in plate that reflects light in the body.
Appeal with the strong flushing effect of «light» and «dark».

Metal Bancho Slim

Metal Bancho Slim
■ Nº 10  ·  38 gr.
■ Nº 15  ·  57 gr.
■ Nº 20  ·  75 gr.
■ Nº 25  ·  93 gr.
Body design
Real eye with glow that acts as a bite marker
Carbon shaft / Stainless curve hook
The number is displayed on the bottom of the head so that the weight can be easily identified.
[Norihiro Shigemi] Shigemi goes Vol.1 «Squid metal in the Sea of ​​Japan»

Caprice Neo

Caprice Neo
■ 75 gr.  –  9,6 cm.
■ 100 gr.  –  10,6 cm.
■ 130 gr.  –  11,5 cm.
■ 180 gr.  –  12,9 cm.
■ Back side shape
■ Large round eye
■ Vertical eye

Draggin’ Bancho

Draggin’ Bancho
▼ No. 3.5 Body / Weight Lineup
Head part design
Sinker design
Support sinker eye (front / rear)
Sharpness · Aeroform

Es Drive Floating Model

Es Drive Floating Model
■ Konuma Masaya Es Drive Used Tackle Data 
[Rod] Avant Garde ZAGS-98 Mighty Slugger 98 
[Line] PE No. 1.5 
[Leader] Fluorocarbon No. 8 
Line eye Φ 1.3 mm high strength Yoko Eye to enlarge the S-shaped swimming to the left and right.
A stabilizer under the egg set to produce a more stable swimming posture.
Fin on the back set to produce a more stable swimming posture.
Hook Eye Φ 1.3 mm high strength
Extra strong shank treble hook
Double Joint System
Elastomeric Live Fish Tail
Decoy eg snap #4
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