Leaderless down shot x rubber jig hybrid species.
A new type of rig that will become the standard for 21st century cover and bottom capture has occurred.
▶ Development concept
By combining the advantages of leaderless down shot and rubber jig, you can make a lure that you can catch even more.
 Stabile basic characteristics
  – Easy to fall vertically.
・ The posture of the worm is stable at the bottom.
・ It is hard to take root.
・ Difficult to lift.
・ Sensitivity is good.
・ Good slip-through.
  – There is a moderate stacking feeling.
  – The worm does not slip easily.
  – Has a rubber mosaic effect.
・ The bus is easy to suck in from any direction.
・ Hooking is good.
Low-density alloy head
Head weight: 2 gr.
30 degree line eye
Direct joint eye
Original shape Tungsten sinker (specific gravity: about 18)
Engraved with grams. (3.5, 5.0)
Custom-made silicone rubber skirt x random cut
Hook (Gamakatsu LD Master)
FECO certification mark

TG Blow

TG Blow
High Density Tungsten Head
Wire Keeper
Wire Keeper
Original hook
Brush guard
Fine cut silicone rubber skirt
FECO Eco Tackle Certified Product

C-4 Jig

C-4 Jig
Silicon skirt
Tungsten Head and Line Eye
Trailer keeper
Weed guard
Weed guard
FECO eco tackle certified products
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