Metal Bancho Slim

Metal Bancho Slim
■ Nº 10  ·  38 gr.
■ Nº 15  ·  57 gr.
■ Nº 20  ·  75 gr.
■ Nº 25  ·  93 gr.
Body design
Real eye with glow that acts as a bite marker
Carbon shaft / Stainless curve hook
The number is displayed on the bottom of the head so that the weight can be easily identified.
[Norihiro Shigemi] Shigemi goes Vol.1 «Squid metal in the Sea of ​​Japan»

Metal Bancho

Metal Bancho
Centralized appeal in a horizontal action. 
Next generation called the squid «Metal Bancho»
■ Continuous short jerk (short between the jerk and jerk)
■ Slow pitch jerk (for a long time of jerk and jerk)
① Slide line eye to induce horizontal action.
② Glow container with the original eye.
③ Body design
④ Carbon shaft and stainless steel curve hook
⑤ Number of display
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