Big Bait

Bream Slide

Bream Slide
Blue Gill type real shape · Joint body
Balanced with appealing water pressure by hard back material billet, butt billet and natural water push by tail fin of soft material.
Fixed main weight
Rear Weight and Rattle
Treble Magic Feather
Front: # 1/0 · Rear: # 2
Decoy Egg snap #4 with excellent strength is standard equipment.
Floating type

Es Drive

Es Drive
Line eye
Hook Eye
Extra strong shank treble hook
Double Joint System
Live Fish Tail
Continuous retrieve / Retrieve and stop / Twitch and Flash

Royalflash Jr.

Royalflash Jr.
High-intensity circuit board round lip
Compact quadruple body
Flat side body shape
Tungsten weight and rattle
Eg snap
Treble Magic


Circuit board square lip
Five-body joint
Extra sharp hook
Flat side body shape
Straight retrieve / Dead sticking / Twitch and flash


Polycarbonate Square lip
Body joint
Four hold hook
Live tail
Topwater retrieve / Subsurface-surface retrieve / Twitching / Dead sticking
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