ZEPHIR AVANTGARDE The Mighty Slugger 98 EX

ZEPHIR AVANTGARDE  ZAGS-98 M/MH-EX  The Mighty Slugger 98 EX
● 33 tons of «Trading Card ® T1100G» (Nano Alloy ® technology applied) is used as the main material for the tip-center.
Quattro woven cloth reinforcement is used for the bat.
* «Trading Card ®» & «Nano Alloy ® Technology» are registered trademarks of Toray Industries, Inc.
[Video] «Trading Card ®» T1100G «» 180 ° retracting breaking strength test
Guide system
Reel seat design
Grip design
Grip length
Made in Japan
«National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council» certified product

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