SPRS-56XUL-S  The Twiggy
Guide system
Titanium frame SiC ring LF guide (T-LFSG-3), which makes it difficult for the line to have a sharp angle because the ring cross-sectional shape is gentle on the top guide, which makes it easy for the line to have an angle. Guide (T-KTTG 3, 3, 3, 3.5, 4.5,), Torzite ring KL guide (T-KLTG5.5L) that reduces the height difference between the KT guide and the original guide, Torzite ring AT guide for the original guide (T-ATTG12) is adopted.
Grip design
Ultra-lightweight foregrip with quattro cross carbon sleeve only.
Fuji IPS reel seat + ultra-compact high-quality cork center grip that has excellent sensitivity transmission due to the size of the contact surface with the sensitive palm base, maintains concentration with a comfortable feel without foreign matter, and can be firmly grasped during fighting. ..
The EVA end grip is designed to be the minimum and lightest, leaving only the starting point required for casting in order to eliminate blurring during rig operation caused by heavy objects at the end. An ultra-lightweight Superior original end plate is attached to the grip end.
Both the cork center grip and EVA end grip are carefully set to optimize the size according to the application.
Grip length
Grip internal structure
Made in Japan
«National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council» certified product


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