Leaderless down shot x rubber jig hybrid species.
A new type of rig that will become the standard for 21st century cover and bottom capture has occurred.
▶ Development concept
By combining the advantages of leaderless down shot and rubber jig, you can make a lure that you can catch even more.
 Stabile basic characteristics
  – Easy to fall vertically.
・ The posture of the worm is stable at the bottom.
・ It is hard to take root.
・ Difficult to lift.
・ Sensitivity is good.
・ Good slip-through.
  – There is a moderate stacking feeling.
  – The worm does not slip easily.
  – Has a rubber mosaic effect.
・ The bus is easy to suck in from any direction.
・ Hooking is good.
Low-density alloy head
Head weight: 2 gr.
30 degree line eye
Direct joint eye
Original shape Tungsten sinker (specific gravity: about 18)
Engraved with grams. (3.5, 5.0)
Custom-made silicone rubber skirt x random cut
Hook (Gamakatsu LD Master)
FECO certification mark

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