Sea Drive Rattlin’ Bone

Sea Drive Rattlin’ Bone
Rattle sound sounds better than general transparent ABS material, and the specific gravity is low, cloudy ABS material.
So-called bone material is used for the body.
Double joint system
Live fish tail elastomer designed for easy fluttering in addition to sharp action.
Equipped with Decoy Egg Snap #3, which maximizes the action of the lure and has excellent strength and balance.
Big fish compatible hook. Stinger ST-46 is standard equipment.
Spare live fish tail for sea drive (3 colors)
Smoke / Clear Yellow / Clear Silver Flakes
(3 uds. x pack)
Spare live fish tail exclusively for sea drive.
Please coordinate according to the body color.

Tabla de colores


* ( ) Indica el color de la cola. (Y = Clear Yellow, CS = Clear Silver Flake, S = Smoke)

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