INSPIRE (LIMITED MODELS) The Super Aerial Legend

<Limited production model>
<Corresponding lure and rig>
Jig head rig / Drop shot rig / Carolina rig / Split shot rig / Insect bite soft bait / Small rubber jig ​​/ Neko rig / No sinker etc…
                                    ▶ [Evergreen 30th Anniversary Limited] Aerial Series 
                                    ▶ Fishing Vision 【Official】 Gear Station 
Shaking action demonstration of Aerial Legend series by Katsutaka Imae. 
If you watch the movie, «Minimal wrist movements, actions where the tip shakes up and down automatically in an automatic manner» is obvious at a glance.
■ Demonstration ① 5 minutes 25 seconds ~ ② 8 minutes 40 seconds ~ 
(※ use super aerial in the movie)
Blank design
Blank color
Guide system
Reel seat and grip design
Blank in grip
30th Anniversary model limited logo mark
The end plate is a red color with the same image of the inspirational logo 

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