Head Shaker

Head Shaker
Especially Grass Ripper combination of the best match.
Talla 4″  –  5 uds. X bíster.
Talla 5″  –  5 uds. X bíster.
Talla 5″ Heavy  –  5 uds. X bíster.
[NEW model added]
Salt increase / ultra-high density model 5 inch heavy addition lineup.
Action Videos by Jack Hammer / Trailer
① Tail
② Side cup
③ Back slit and ventral surface slit
④ Marker for Grass Ripper
Glass Ripper and Head Shaker 5 inches set image
⑤ FECO eco tackle certified products 
■ Special formula (4 inches, 5 inches)
A special formula that mixes garlic and shrimp ingredients with salted material.
■ NEW Material and Special Formula (2020 model 5 inch)
A slightly softer NEW material is used for more fishing movements. In addition, a NEW special formula with a rich mix of shrimp, squid, and baitfish ingredients is included. You can now get more and deeper bites under tough conditions.

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■ 5 inches (5 uds. X Blíster)

Head shaker (original)
Head Shaker Heavy

■ 4 inches (5 uds. X Blíster)

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