Bow Worm Noodle

Bow Worm Noodle
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■  8″  (10 uds. X blíster)
Bow Worm Noodle 8″ Talked by Toshifumi Kikumoto
Bow Worm noodle 8 inch image movie
・ Inject a large amount of salt in consideration of use in a no sinker.
・ The tension of the body is set stronger. Although it is slender and easy to bend, it is easy to return to its original position, so slow and slow movements occur.
Front and back reverse rib structure
Special formula
Contains a special formula that mixes shrimp, squid, and bait fish ingredients.
FECO eco tackle certification
Engraved with the FECO certification mark.
This product is a «FECO eco-tackle certified product»
It can be used in JB / NBC tournaments.
Comparison of the thickness of 8 inches of Bow Worm (original) and 8 inches of Bow Worm Noodle

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