SYNERGY The Rippin' Feat

CSYC-610ML  The Rippin' Feat
Corresponding lure and rig
Jerkbait / Top Water / Vibration / Shallow ~ Middle Crankbait / Spinnerbait / Buzzbait, etc ... 
Implementation of Shimizu Morizu's high level requirements by fusing with Daiwa Technology . Top guide ~ # 6 reinforced with a 45 ° fiber "X45 (X Forty Five)" which is strong against twisting to the guide. In addition, reinforced with a 3-axis warp "3DX (3 DIEX)" with a strong honeycomb structure in the bottom of the butt section from the # 6 guide. 
Guide System
While setting importance on durability by Fuji stainless steel frame guide SiC
Grip and Reel seat
Emphasis on gripping performance and operability, adopt a combination of thin and lightweight blank touch type Fuji ECS reel seat and cork and separate type grip. At the grip end, proof of Produce Shimizu Mori, metallic red and silver synergy · Original end plate is attached.