"3 pitch · rubber coated net" + "night light tube frame" adopted.

● Material de la red: Rubber Court Net
● Profundidad: 300 mm.
● Peso: 250 gr.
● Tamaño marco red:  Longitud H 400 mm. X W 400 mm.
● Agarre de EVA: 160 mm. (con la expansión del eje y la función de contracción: 0 ~ 70 mm.)
Especificaciones y Características
"3 pitch · rubber coat net" which combines mesh of 3 different pitches is adopted.
❶ 3 mm.
❷ 5 mm.
❸ 8 mm.
   Night light tube frame
"Night light tube frame" which enhances visibility at night is adopted.
Joint screw 
GM SQ net (net exchange), GM Shaft and other Golden Mean products, of course, you can use it attached to the handle of the ball on hand.