Oceanus Wide HD

Oceanus Wide HD
① Do not miss more with evolved smooth drag More
② Further improvement with troubled 
③ Extensive Line Capacity
④ Suitable for slow pitch jerk High gear specification Although 
⑤ Equipped with a convenient new mechanism in each part 
[Original hook holder] 
It is possible to hang a jig by hooking when moving a point or the like.
[Original Line Stopper] 
It is possible to stop pinching the tip of the leader, for example when storing at home after fishing.
[Long Power Handle Standard Equipment] 
Powerful winding and powerful support of pitch engraved jerk.

                              ■ Light Handle / Left Handle
※ The images is a light handle model.
Micro pitch large preset dial
72 divisions per round It is possible to preset fine with a large diameter dial.
Direct Field Lag Lever
Angular Contact Bearing
Original line guard
Forged aluminum body and spool
Palm side body cut design
Frame cut design for index finger summing
Two action lock switch
Asymmetrical reel foot
Original line stopper
Original hook holder
Crank handle arm long
Original handle power grip
Original handle grip shaft
Easy slide handle arm
Dedicated reel cover